Activity of the Week – Museuma

Our activity of the week was to visit any art museum.  I visited the Long Beach Museum of Art on a rainy, cold Sunday. tumblr_nrpf8tKg4C1tzwzqso5_400

I bought my ticket (6 bucks with a student ID) and embarked on  my art adventure.

I saw a lot of pieces that I liked.  Here were a few that caught my eye.


My favorite pieces were the ones that took up the whole wall.




This oil painting is my favorite of the paintings.  I really enjoy the imagery.  To me the bird represents and albatross  (even if it is not meant to be).  Sailors traditionally considered seeing an albatross to be a sign of good luck and killing one is bad luck.  Sailors  thought seeing the bird meant land was near.  However, an albatross can live for years at sea without setting foot on land.  I think this painting represents the bad luck at the open sea since there seems to be dark and crashing waves along with the torn flag.


These are the two pieces I chose to analyze.  Both of these pieces take up an entire wall.  Jeff soto’s piece “The Stars at Night” invite us into his imagination.  In my opinion his version of stars are like a monstrous daydream but it still alludes to our real world.  This piece uses bold colors and he alters the light and the color giving it a dreamy feel.  This piece is also two dimensional.  The three circles jut forward out of the wall slightly, with everything else painted on.  I noticed he sticks to using circle shapes and many colors that we would associate with space.  Low Bros “Tic Tac Toe” piece is strictly spray painted onto the museum wall.  It sticks to the shades of red black and white, the only differing color being the blue.  This piece is interesting because it is painted 3 dimensional, like the room extends further back and you can walk right into the painting.  To me this painting looks like two dogs fighting over the world, but actually represents how we are constantly at war over the world, a place we all have to live.  The use of square and sharp shapes bring out the seriousness of this piece.

Both are so interesting to look at because they out right do not have a specific meaning.  Soto’s is fun and reminds me of a twisted alternate reality but Low Bros is raw and real the more I look at it.

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