Activity of the Week- SnapChat

Snapchat is proabably one of the hottest social media apps out there right now.  Everyone I know is constantly taking snapchats.  It is a more personal form of social media and practically everyone is on board.  Send a picture and it deletes in a maximum of 10 seconds!

“hold on I gotta snap this real quick”

“I’ll snap it to you”

“did you see ____’s snap! oh my GOD!”

“Ugh she wont reply to my snapchats”

These are all things I hear on a daily basis not only by my friends but also by random people around me.

Snapchat is perfect because you can select who you want to send pictures to.  For example, you can send your best friend the ugliest selfie and make it one second long or maybe you are really feeling youself so you wanna post a hot looking selfie to your snapchat story for everyone to see.  The only downside is that people can and probably will screenshot your most odd selfies but at least snap chat lets you know about it!

I am definitely one of those people that love taking screenshots.  No one is safe from me.  No one!

tumblr_nre8udcCOE1touwpxo6_1280 tumblr_nre901x4LF1touwpxo2_1280 tumblr_nre901x4LF1touwpxo3_1280

I also really like that snapchat has cool geo filters depending where you are and also has a weather filter and a mph filter.


So my idea for the art activity of the week was to sort of chronologize my day with everyone elses.  The idea was for me to take one snapchat an hour and then inbetween snapshot the snaps I recieved inbetween each hour.  Since snapchat tells you when each snap was sent I figured it would be easy to put things in chronological order and then check out how similar my day along with my friends and classmates day went.

I started at 8am and time stamped each one for the hour but no one really started their snapping day until lunch time! (I also think everyone was a little bit shy with their snap chatting game!).  I got quite a few snaps of food from my classmates.  The most popular thing the class liked snapping is food, alcohol and going to the gym.

tumblr_nre947xTI01qa1i3eo1_250 tumblr_nre8x443wI1touwpxo2_1280 tumblr_nre947xTI01qa1i3eo2_1280 tumblr_nre8udcCOE1touwpxo5_1280   tumblr_nre8vrnub61touwpxo3_1280tumblr_nre8x443wI1touwpxo9_1280 tumblr_nre8udcCOE1touwpxo7_1280     tumblr_nre8vrnub61touwpxo4_1280 tumblr_nreadeihjd1touwpxo2_1280tumblr_nre8vrnub61touwpxo6_1280 tumblr_nre8x443wI1touwpxo10_1280tumblr_nreadeihjd1touwpxo1_250tumblr_nre8vrnub61touwpxo7_1280     tumblr_nre8x443wI1touwpxo5_1280  tumblr_nre8x443wI1touwpxo7_1280 tumblr_nre8x443wI1touwpxo6_1280tumblr_nre8udcCOE1touwpxo3_1280

I tried to stick with my idea but after lunch it just got too hard, trying to open and reply to snaps.  Being an avid snapchatter takes some serious skill, a skill I do not have yet.

Honorable mention: Jolene snapped this on her story and it’s my favorite so far.


It was fun seeing how some of my classmates spent their days!  Lots of people spent the day out and about, eating good food while I was stuck at day camp all day every day letting me live through them (lol!).

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