Extra Credit

 Your 3 *Favorite* Activities, and a few words about why they worked for you
Social Photography – Even though we also did an activity with snapchat I preferred the Instagram activity.  It was fun and casual.  I really enjoyed seeing everyones day collectively when viewing the tag.  With this activity I felt a kinship to the students in my class.  Usually students in classes are so distant to each other but with this I felt a little closer to everyone because we aren’t so different after all.
Game Design 2 (geocaching)- I loved this activity!  This one was my absolute favorite.  I loved that it was like treasure hunting.  I did not know anything about geocaching before.  There are so many hidden around Long Beach, or anywhere you visit.  This is definitely something I am going to participate in every once in a while.
Painting (Legal Graffiti Writing)- I really enjoyed this activity because never in my life would I have ever attempted any sort of graffiti.  Coming up with a concept and then trying to execute it was really fun.  It was a very personal activity, which I liked since it was writing our names big and proud.
 Your 3 *Least Favorite* Activities, and a few words about why they didn’t work so much for you
I enjoyed all of the activities but there was one that I did not like at all.  I did not really enjoy the Game Design (3D VR Chair).  It is a really cool activity and it’s amazing what some people can do with programs like sketchup but for me it was really frustrating.  I get really impatient easily and it was hard for me to figure out how to use sketchup.  It was also frustrating because I envisioned my chair a certain way and I just couldn’t execute it.  I’m sure if I spent more time (hours at my rate!) I would have been able to figure it out.
our thoughts about Slack. Was it better than BeachBoard? Worth learning another platform? Helpful? Useful?
I loved Slack.  This platform was honestly so much better than beachboard.  It was simple and easy to figure out.  It is easily accessible and is almost like an instant connection to the other students.  I know that beachboard has an app and I had it for a while but it kept crashing and it was just a pain to log into constantly and navigate.  I’ve been in a few online classes/hybrid classes that required online discussion and I can say that having slack would have been a much more easy experience.

Any other feedback on the *Art Talks,* the *Artist OTW,* or anything else about the course itself.
This has got to be one of the best courses I have ever taken at CSULB.  It made my summer much more fun while learning at the same time.  I enjoyed the many different artists of the week and the art talks.  Thanks for a great summer class Glenn!

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