Activity of the Week- ePortfolio

This weeks activity was to create an ePortfolio.  At the begining of Art110 we all made these websites for class but now its time to turn it into an ePortfolio.  Our ePortfolio could be about our career, major or any of our hobbies or passions.

I chose to make me ePortfolio pertaining to my major (Classics) .

This websites goal is to be a fun way for Latin students to gain knowledge about Catullus in a simple way.  In addition to an “about” the poet page which I will gradually add info to, I have a poetry section.  I know that many Latin students go online looking for translations of a poem to cross check their translations.  Under my ‘poetry’ section I have translated a few of his famous poems literally.  Now, they might not be the prettiest translations but they are the translations closest to the Latin grammar.

Another section I put was “Word of the Day” which are Latin words and their definition.  A word a day in the hope that you can just memorize that one word and remember it forever!

The other section is dedicated to funny posts that classics students can get a laugh out of when the studying becomes too much.

My main audience is mostly going to be Latin or classics students but poetry lovers who are interested in the ancient Latin might also find it interesting.





Transforming my website was very difficult at first.  I had to find a nice theme and pleasant pictures for my header and logo.  The hardest part was to create a menu with different categories.  I could not figure out how to put my blog posts under the different categories.  Finally I just tagged the posts and was able to separated them that way but that is not how I wanted them to be separated into the categories. All in all it took me about 3 hours to get everything in order.

One thought on “Activity of the Week- ePortfolio

  1. Hi Kimmy, great work! I love that you’ve chosen to be very specific with your site. We can only have so many Wikipedias over and over, but here you’ve chosen to go deep into a specific poet. I’m sure there are plenty of experts on Catullus, still, your site can be a great resource.

    The category stuff that frustrated you is actually pretty easy. Are you back on campus for Fall? If so, we could meetup in AS-120 sometime and I could help you do that. Or alternately, I can talk you through it on Slack.

    Wonderful work Kimmy! Congrats!


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