Week 4 Activity – Virtual Chair

So this week our class activity was to make a virtual chair.  To get started, I did a google image search of “pink princess chair”.  Initially I wanted to do this one but I knew this would probably be hard for me so I chose a simpler chair instead.


After scrolling through a whole bunch of heart shaped, childish chairs, I found this one.  I really liked the floral designs around the cushions which are pink (my favorite color).


I decided to use the program sketch up.  I stared at the screen for a good five minutes trying to figure out how everything in the program worked.  After some googling, and fiddling on my own I was able to start my chair and wow was it hard!  I got a bit frustrated so had to come back after taking a day break.

I spent at least an hour trying to carve out and craft a chair figure but once I did adding the paint to it was simple.


I am not tech savy at all so this was such a hard thing for me to make.  I couldn’t figure out how to save just the chair by itself so I screenshot it into paint and cropped the pictures.


I am happy with the way my chair turned out even if it’s not the most appealing!


Just for fun I opened Sims 3 and tried making the chair using the customization option in the game.


I have so much respect for game makers and the people that build the virtual worlds that are in video games.  It took me so long to just create one not even realistic chair.  I can’t imagine the work put into making all the furniture in the sims games.

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