Activity of the Week – Landscapes with a corpse


Our activity of the week this week was inspired by Izima Kauru, who did a photography exhibit entitled Landscapes with a Corpse. Izima’s  highly aesthetic images slowly approach the victims of self-inflicted or external violence who have experienced death in perfect beauty.

The assignment was to take a self portrait of a scenario in which we die but are able to get up and walk away from it.


I was playing around with ideas and my first one was: death by finishing the last episode of a tv series and having to wait a whole year for the new season.

I wanted to do something more realistic instead.

The scenario: while practicing a ballet routine, my pointe shoe comes untied and I fall, bumping my head and biting my tongue.


I’ve definately fallen countless times over the years while on pointe but I’ve never fallen and hit my head.  That is probably one of my biggest fears while dancing (that and breaking a leg!)

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