Activity of the Week – Graffiti

So our activity of the week was to graffiti our names using two different colors of spray paint!  Some of my classmates met in Venice Beach to do their art on the Graffiti walls.  I work Saturday mornings so I was pretty sad I couldn’t go.  I had no idea that there were walls you could graffiti (with a permit of course).  I always thought of graffiti as a sign that I’m not in a good neighborhood.

When I looked up graffiti tips and such I found that that is not the case.  This is an art form that so many people are passionate about and there is so much talent out there for it.

I began by sketching out how I wanted my piece to look.


Luckily I was able to use my parents backyard and graffiti on their garage!  I used Montana Chalk Spray paint in turquoise and yellow.

I began first by drawing the heart.


I wrote out my name in the yellow paint then outlined it with blue and outlined the blue heart with yellow.


I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.  I for sure thought my letters and my heart were gonna look all lopsided and funky but it is actually pretty accurate to my drawing.


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