Week 3 Activity – Social Photography


On Thursday everyone in my online class got together and used Instagram to take pictures and document what they were doing throughout the day.  Normally I am one of those people who post to Instagram once every 3 weeks.  I bet the people who follow me on Instagram were shocked that I posted so many pictures at once!

I do not like social media too much.  I hate texting and using Facebook.  Instagram is one of the only forms of social media I keep up with.  Although I don’t post much, it is still fun to see what my friends, family and acquaintances are up to.  In a way it keeps us all connected.

Although I wasn’t too productive, it was still pretty cool to document my day.  I woke up to the cute little face of my dog Marlee and took her and Circe for a jog.  The rest of my day was not Instagram worthy (just chores!) until later when my friend picked me up and we went shopping and saw Jurassic World.

tumblr_npyqftdd3x1qa1i3eo3_1280tumblr_npyqftdd3x1qa1i3eo2_1280tumblr_npyqftdd3x1qa1i3eo1_400   tumblr_npyqftdd3x1qa1i3eo4_1280

It was really neat to see what all of my classmates were doing since we are all on summer break.  We all had very different days, saw different sights and ate different food.

tumblr_npyoky40jI1qa1i3eo1_1280 tumblr_npyoky40jI1qa1i3eo2_1280 tumblr_npyoky40jI1qa1i3eo3_1280tumblr_npyoky40jI1qa1i3eo4_1280

I love seeing what people post because I think everyone thinks long and hard about what picture they want to show to the world (and what filter!).  Selfies, food, pets and gym time are the reoccurring pictures I noticed.  Based on what we all posted we all have common interests with one another rather than just being students in the same class together.

I love all the animal lovers out there who posted pet selfies!  I am a sucker for the pet posts.

tumblr_npyoky40jI1qa1i3eo9_1280 tumblr_npyoky40jI1qa1i3eo10_1280 tumblr_npyoky40jI1qa1i3eo6_1280

I especially loved the food pictures and seeing the different tastes people had.


mmmmmmm this was my favorite foodie post!  I wanted to jump right into that picture and eat that!

Overall, I really enjoyed this activity.  It was #fun.  I feel like I know my classmates a little bit better now instead of them just being little icons on slack.com.

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