Hello world!

Hi all! My name is Kimberly Toscano.  I am a classics major with the option in Roman civilization.  I live in Long Beach and  I work at Los Altos Dance Center as a ballet and hip hop instructor.  In the summer, I also work as a day camp counselor at El Dorado Park.  I participated in the commencement ceremony last week.  I just have fall semester left at CSULB and then I will be officially done!


After my time at CSULB I’m hoping to get my masters in museum science.  But who knows what the future holds!

When I’m not studying like crazy or working, I love to just sit back and watch Netflix like most college kids.  I enjoy Marvel comics and dancing.  I also love hiking and jogging with my dog, Circe.


I am really excited for this course! I have never taken an art class before so it will be a nice change from all the Greek and Latin courses I constantly take!

Happy blogging!

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